proverbs you’ve never heard

Fucked up. They moved my class from second to first period and in my haste to prepare I accidentally made copies of the wrong printout of the lyrics of the third verse of “Perhaps. Teacher, is not scramble.

My coteacher said, “‘Even Homer sometimes nods.’ Is a very famous proverb. It says in the dictionary.”

For my second class, the lesson went too quickly. Sara sonsengnim is floundering, people. The girl in the back cannot read the questions. The girl in the front does the entire activity in five minutes.

When I tutored at the charter school I had the advantageous position of sitting in a chair in the back of the room watching the students while the teacher was distracted. A convenient position from which to judge–seeing what’s actually happening because I wasn’t worried about the lesson. I feel like I need that perspective on my classes. I feel like I would judge myself harshly.


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