foot, pain


So I go by this on my walk home every day. Finally I stopped to investigate. It’s in front of some kind of municipal building with a banner declaring ‘A New Challenge Jeju Self-Governing Province’ or something like. In July, Jeju and Seoul decided to turn the island into an “international free city.” So there are tax breaks for investors, fifty year interest free leases, and relaxed educational regulations. They want Jeju to become like Hong Kong or Singapore. This means that my T-money card from the subway in Seoul also works here and golf courses have to pay lower taxes on the water they use. According to my first coteacher, there are so many golf courses on Jeju, maybe one day it will run out of water.

So this mini-park in front of the municipal looking building has this stone thing pictured above that you are supposed to walk across for reasons related to foot reflexology. There is an explanatory sign, which rather than illuminating things for me, only increases my confusion:


There are two words in the headline that I understand. Foot and pain. And yes, dear friends, it hurts. There are several different kinds of quartz in varying shapes, some more pointy and further apart than others, all cemented into this sidewalk to nowhere. According to the sign the third foot from the left is a sweaty foot, but the foot with mushrooms? The one that seems to be wearing a house arrest anklet? These I do not understand. But it hurt less to walk across than this thing at Songnisan:


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