the vice principle always laughs at me

Unveiled the technological wonder that is our school’s new English lab. I taught my coteacher the word swanky to mark the occasion. I now have a microphone with which to torment my soft spoken students, which is all but one of them. Unless it’s three o’clock, in which case they are screaming, pulling each other’s hair, and rolling around on the hallway floor, pausing only to say hello when I walk by. My coteacher asked me after school if American middle school girls are the same as Korean middle school girls. I didn’t know exactly how to elaborate on my rather emphatic ‘No.’

We also have a DVD/Video player, air conditioner, swanky tables and chairs, and a beam projector. And too many fucking bulletin boards that I’m supposed to populate with wildly informative English things, a task I hope to delegate to the students. My principle was especially enamored with the beam projector. And the fact that the word Sony lights up to indicate the presence of an electric current.

A large amount of time was spent explaining the powering of the beam projector on and off. I must have looked alarmed when the principle dashed–yes dashed, finger outstretched lest we fail to notice the newly illumined Sony logo–to make certain we understood that the projector had come on. Noticing my reaction to his enthusiasm, the vice principle pointed at me and laughed.

I thought it was rude to point in Korea.

I did, however, have to pilfer chalk and an eraser from another classroom in order to do my lesson with the speech contest kids on stresses in English sentences.  Although they continue to be frustrated by my refusal to speak unnaturally slowly, they are catching on.


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