You don’t need a personal trainer when everyone is watching you and wants to offer their advice. It seems I must always acquire these people when I go to the gym, even if they cannot speak my language. However, I do not like being told to 천천히 on the leg press anymore than I like being told to slow down on the soju.

Though, one rather large young man who spent all of his rest time between sets sending text messages–a young man, I didn’t think Hallim had those–suggested, through gesture, that I deadlift a dumbell between my legs, having noticed that the barbell hits my knees. Which is a fabulous idea. But what do I know–he could be in his forties; some Korean men age obscenely well.

I am constantly frustrated by the fact that no one unracks their weights. So I have to add on to the total time of my workout the amount of time it takes to unload 300 pounds from the leg press and sometimes forgo the bench altogether.

Also, it seems to be a licensing requirement that all gyms have posters of caucasian body builders from the nineteen seventies.


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  1. Heh. I love it. Thankfully it is not the case at the gym I joined this week- the Squill JCC. If you work out after the little old ladies do their stint, there are no weights to be worried about at all.

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