Re: First real content lesson

My new coteacher is very into learning American idioms. We had an rather extensive discussion of “smokin'” and “on fire.” So maybe I should teach him “bomb.” It would go like this:

“Do you know this idiom: ‘bombed?'”

“Bombed? Bombed. ‘How would I use this like you just said, bombed?”

“Like, ‘This morning my lesson bombed.’ It means to go very badly. Not to be confused with ‘da bomb.’ If my lesson this morning had been ‘da bomb,’ it would have gone very well. If I, as a teacher, were da bomb, in the many hours I spent planning this lesson, I would have realized that it was too unstructured for all but one of the students.”

Fortunately, I had my host sister’s class so she can go home and tell her parents how badly I carry a tune with the Korean pop songs that get stuck in my head.

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