Hand phone 있어요

I got a cellphone last week, which was more expensive than I had hoped it would be, and which is now this thing I have to carry everywhere that never rings and will make me feel like a loser. Which is unfortunate because I have it set to this awesome hip hop ringtone that vibrates and chants “No stop!” But it does have an English-Korean dictionary.

Lunchtime is a difficult time for me. Someone looks directly at me says “영어”–English–and then blahblahblah and I smile sheepishly, berating myself for having not studied in the last two weeks. I was informed that octopus cleans the blood so I should eat it. But I think my trying to explain that the spicy food irritates my canker sore came off as a more universal ‘spicy food hurts me.’ Alas. It is my mission to learn to love kimchi.

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