Karma police

As I was finishing the box of cocoballs this morning, I started thinking about how well taken care of I have been in my life. I’m not a religious person, so I don’t actually believe in karma, but it seems like a good idea to keep in mind. If I believed in karma I would have to believe that at some point in my life I will have a lot to repay. And I plan on it.

I started thinking about this when the electric kettle finished boiling the water for my instant coffee. It made me think of the first night in Denmark when we didn’t have any plans for where to sleep and ended up on the couch and the floor of the common room in Lauren’s colegium. One of her former suitemates asked her to clean the kettle. And at some point during the one hour that I actually fell asleep on the cold floor, some random Dane put a sleeping bag over me.

I signed up for the gym yesterday. On the way in, two of my students saw me walking with my new coteacher, who is in his fifties, and asked if he was my wife.

So at one point he was translating the dress code–the gym provides workout clothes, orange for women and blue for men, but you must wear shoes and socks and also underwear. You can use the shower so underwear is a must. I should have asked for clarification because I’m not sure I see the direct connection between these things. Must you wear underwear in the shower?


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