a disconnected Yankee in Hallim Girls’ Middle school

Because I asked on the first day if there was drinking water, the vice principle ordered several crates of one litre 삼다수 bottles. I will have to be careful in the future what sort of things I ask for or about. And apparently the VP just bought a new car so there was a plate in the lounge today of bread pastries filled with red bean paste, which are quite tasty.

Yesterday at the bank, the teller, whose face was heavily caked with makeup and oddly gray, brought us two small bottles of vitamin drink. My coteacher said “I had polio when I was younger.” And she wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed the odd twitches in her body, which I would never have attributed to something so serious. “I had to take a lot of medicine so I hate things like this.” It tasted like uncarbonated Red Bull and she drank it all anyway. When we left I had a whole 천 원 in my own bank account. Which is about a dollar.

The school 쩡–fighter–is the only girl in school who wears pants. She led the school-wide 인사 on the first day and was militaristically fluid in her salute and bow. She has very short cut hair and looks like a thirteen year old thug. I can’t wait to have her in class. My coteacher said she also wants to ask why she wears pants. “Maybe she has some scar on her legs. I don’t know.”

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