Key club camping

8/5, 8:04 pm.

Two shots of soju down. Post river play, post “thinking and being as one” and boys are being made into women.

We played a game in which two team members jumped off a rock in the river while other team members tried to catch as much water from the splash as possible. And for an amusing number of minutes before the game, I watched them debate with concern who could swim well enough to be the jumper. To my mind, the depth of the water required only an understanding of human bouyancy. They were impressed with my swimming.

Being and thinking as one is a game played thusly: each group of seven Koreans plus one waeguk (foreigner) is given a prompt which they are to act out. The team recieves points for those prompts in which everyone does the same thing.

For Mona Lisa, the Koreans all covered their eyebrows, because the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows, while the American tried to imitate her smile. For “starcraft” all of the Koreans mimed a keyboard and wanted to know what the hell my imitation of a controller was. We got that point for cross-cultural parallel. Heinz Ward was a prompt but some of us passed while others ran for the touch down. “Kimchi” also stumped the group’s American. The Koreans all made peace signs like they were about to be in a photo. “Say kimchi!”

My team’s name is a Korean expletive that, as it was explained to me, means literally “birds and dogs” but the word for bird is similiar to the Chinese character for baby so in some roundabout way your are questioning someone’s parentage. During our introductory sketch I was asked to say that my name was “son of a bitch” and assume a confrontation pose. Some other things were said in Korean that were never explained to me.

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