Korean homework–not done, news–perused.

I was going to go to bed an hour and a half ago until I started reading about where oil comes from.

By Paul Salopek
Tribune correspondent
Published July 29, 2006

That particular night, according to one industry method of calculating the explosive energy locked away in crude oil, Dunbar dumped the liquid equivalent of 19.2 million hours of physical labor into the Marathon’s storage tanks–or the power of a slave army of 2,200 men working around the clock for a year. This bonanza would be sucked dry by customers in 24 hours

Americans consume about 2.3 billion gallons of gasoline each year simply idling in traffic. This equals the annual oil output of Equatorial Guinea, Africa’s most promising new petro-state.

Three days before Yousif’s disconcerting checkpoint encounter, a supertanker named the Front Crown loaded up on Iraqi crude at the Basra Oil Terminal.

The black-hulled vessel, flying the flag of the Bahamas and skippered by a Russian, chugged 36 days around the Horn of Africa, then steered northwest across the Atlantic to Galveston Bay. Five days later, according to Marathon schedulers, it docked at the high-tech Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, where pumps as mighty as locomotives sucked a million barrels of oil from its hold in 11 hours–the same volume of crude that was burned by all the Allied armies in World War I.


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