All the leaves are brown…

This is a brief note on Korean stationery on the occasion of my having broken down and gone to a real 문방구.

This is a typical notepad:


So you are not impressed by the Golden Gate Bridge on the New York letter pad? Take a closer look:


Today I almost bought a notebook with a picture of France on the cover and the opening lyrics of California Dreaming. I resisted and purchased, instead, one that claims rabbits come from the moon. There is also this, my slightly less noteworthy, but nonetheless amusing 필통:


Some of you will be fortunate enough to recieve letters from the above letter pad. Be excited. That’s all, I have no real comments on this phenomenon, but I thought that I would share.

This evening’s English club speech was on soju. The speaker was quite knowledgeable on the history of distillation. Apparently there is soju made with snakes? A club member wanted to know, but she had heard that snakes have many germs so maybe soju made from snakes is bad for health? Tuesday’s subject is Gollum from the Lord of the Rings and what are our own preciouses? Fortunately or unfortunately, I have calligraphy tomorrow night and will be unable to attend. But perhaps Friday I should go to discuss the stereotypes about personality that people may make based on blood type.

Believe in the best omnibus.

One comment

  1. The rabbit in the moon is a Japanese folk story, although I have forgotten what the actual story intails. There is a rather good movie about Japanese internment in America under the same title.

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