hermit kingdoms and rogue states


So obviously we have here East Asia at night, China, Japan, and South Korea being easily recognizable. You can even see my little island alit down there but between the 38th parallel and the Duman river there is only the smudge of Pyongyang. I am going to have to buy a lot of books when I get to Seoul and a newspaper subscription when I get to Jeju because I don’t know enough about this country.

I wish that I had been able to push my Korean English language club friends a little further on the question of whether South Korea should have ceased food aid to the North. Their answer was unhesitant–yes–but Kim Joe, the peasant, who is starving, didn’t launch any missiles. Kim Joe, the peasant, who is starving, may have family in the South. I wonder what Kim Joe, the college student, really thinks of his brothers, the Kim Joes to the North. They commonly say here that everyone wants reunification but no one wants it.


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