seasons don’t fear the reeper

The discussion topic at this evening’s English language club at Kangwon University was the North Korean missile issue. Which was tough. Geopolitics involve crazy words, unlike the subject of how one feels about women’s exposure in the summer time. The speech topic was announced as alcohol, which is why I stayed after the discussion, but the speaker changed his topic to chess. Interest diminished and they criticized his lack of knowledge of Korean chess–“What did you do in the military? Everyone in the military plays chess to pass the time!”

After the meeting I, one other American with an East Asian OCD disorder (bless her) and two beautiful Korean boys with perfect hair, one of whom is going into the American army in ten days and isn’t pleased about it, went to a 노래방 (karaoke bar). He’s worried about how big and tough the Americans are; we explained that they would teach him bad English words. I sang Three Dog Night unsuccessfully, the Eagles to know one’s interest, and Journey with some success. And then drank 멕주 (maekju–beer). Hite actually gets worse as you drink it.

This weekend we’re going to Songnisan, which is a mountain, for a relaxing weekend in the countryside. It is apparently famous for mushrooms.

And incidentally I am no longer a vegetarian. You don’t understand how hungry I get in the cafeteria. And at the bar we had a random tray of fried looking good things that included what might have been onion rings, but was really squid, and other things that when I asked what they were I was told “just eat it.” I took a bit of something that I immediately recognized the taste of but couldn’t identify for a number of seconds until I realized it was a hot dog. Whatever. I’ll just tell my host family I like tofu and hopefully won’t have to eat cow intestine like our orientation coordinator did.



  1. so here’s a question for you, or more of a thought that’s been coming up a lot. do you run into a lot of people that find one not believing in jesus (or whatever other diety) to be offensive? i have recently (mostly with jesus) and i think it odd.

  2. Actually, I have been surprised by the situations in which I was not. One of my friends from my last study abroad trip is a person who identifies herself as a fundamentalist Christian and although we had many conversations in which we did not see eye to eye, we also talked at length about whether or not I think I have a soul and how she’d like to talk again in five years on the same subject after I’ve had more time to think about it.

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