Adventures in 한국

Tonight I sat at my 곰퓨터 (kompyutoh) reading that the Saville Row is getting too expensive for the local tailors and eating 스파게티 라면, that is, suhpahgaytee lahmyon or–in proper romanization–spagetti ramen. Have I mentioned the cafeteria food? Have I mentioned how living on rice and soy sauce makes me want to cry? Spagetti ramen is remarkably unlike spagetti and much more like to noodles in tomato soup. Why, I wonder, was there a seasoning packet of dried corn? Why do they think that belongs in spagetti?

I have also had 리즈–leejuh–with 요그르트–yoguhlruhtuh–filling. That is, Ritz crackers with yogurt filling. Rather tasty.

And, my roommate, who is Korean-American, just informed me that while in Seoul instead of asking for a stationary store–문방구–she accidentally asked for a 물방구– “water fart.”

If you cannot read my 한국, download the Korean font or miss out.



  1. For Internet Explorer: Select ‘View’ From the top menu. Scroll down to ‘Encoding’. Go to the option that says ‘More’. Select Korean from the list. A box will pop up saying you need to install the Korean language pack. Click install. It will install automatically. You may need to restart your computer when finished. For Netscape and Firefox there is also either a “character set” or “encoding” option that allows you to add languages.

    I missed one. I spelled maybe wrong-암아 instead of 아마.

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