This weekend, there was no electricity in the dorms.


So that’s our dirty laundry by candlelight. Don’t worry, the building was so saturated by monsoon rain that it probably wouldn’t burn. It rains a lot here. A lot.

That’s us drinking outside the Family mart in the rain. The next evening, I went to a DVD bang instead of the public baths because I don’t like to be naked. The DVD bang, however, turned out to be a videocasette bang, therefore there were no English subtitles for the Korean movie we saw. Which I nevertheless enjoyed. Then we went to the Garfield bar, as in Garfield and Odie, complete with pictures in the menu and on the windows which probably violate intellectual property laws.

When the power went out, an intoxicated Korean youth jumped into Brian’s booth. In the dark. When the lights came back, said Korean youth called him a handsome boy, asked if I was his girlfriend, asked for his number, called him chingu, and put his head on his shoulder. We have been told that there are, quote, no homosexuals in Korea. Unquote.

Training’s going fine, I suppose, although I have been publicly ridiculed twice by the head coordinator for having misspelled my last name on an online form. I suppose I have no defence.


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