I didn’t leave campus today.

My most immediate first impressions of Korea are of the cute and English adorned stationary, but as for real impressions, we are very isolated from it. I have always avoided this sort of campus dorm scene–there are 64 of us living on one floor and sharing bathrooms in which we cannot flush the toilet paper (weak plumbing). I’d like to explore Chuncheon more, but there are four hours of language class in the mornings, lunch (rice and kimchi) then two hours of teaching workshop (personable teacher, questionably useful activities) then dinner and then studying Korean, trying to do laundry, workout, going to English language club or whatever. Which means I see the insides of three buildings in a given day. However, the red-light district has been pointed out from afar. Apparently you can go see women advertising themselves behind plate glass. Field trip?

I find myself having no context to put Korea in. It is not like any other country in which I’ve studied abroad and it is very unlike the US, but more similar to the US in some ways than, say, India, so in a way it is weird to feel like it is not as foreign as I am used to foreign places feeling, which in itself makes Korea extremely foreign. And then there’s octopus in the cafeteria.

I go about Korea in a state of discombobulation is what I’m really trying to say.


One comment

  1. 1. i’m impressed that you’re in Korea, even though I’m pretty sure you read ‘kimchi’ in English while here 😉

    2. i have more gossip about the life that is mine that i will post to you in an email.

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