Chuncheon night life meets thirty American post-grads.

Chuncheon loses. Do you have any idea how loud thirty Americans in a Korean bar can be? To quote the eminent J. William Fulbright:

During a recent vacation in Mexico, I noticed in a small-town airport two groups of students on holiday, one group Japanese, the other American. The Japanese were neatly dressed and were talking and laughing in a manner that neither annoyed anybody nor particularly called attention to themselves. The Americans on the other hand, were disporting themselves in a conspicuous and offensive manner, stamping around the waiting room in sloppy clothes, drinking beer, and shouting to each other as if no one else were there.

Well Mr. Fulbright, here we are with a 35,000 won per week stipend to fund such behavior, and in your name. With your name literally emblazoned on our t-shirts. I am sorry.

I have also been to the Korean Wal-Mart equivalent. I almost cried. Somethings are the same the world over except that the shampoo is nine dollars and we had three aisle attendents all watching us pick it out, gasping with great concern when someone chose, by accident, men’s shampoo. And there is a t-shirt that reads “Missing: my childhood” [back] “I don’t care if you forget me.”


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