I hate Miles and Soledad O’Who-gives-a-shit

I submit that CNN programming could compete with the likes of Friends and Fear Factor for most vapid programming on television. I'm just doing dishes and making my coffee and feel that it shouldn't be too much to ask, what with that little flat screen TV hanging from the bottom of the kitchen cabinets and all, to learn a little about what's going on in the world at the same time. (The parents have expanded their appliances in my absence–chrome refrigerator, flat screen TV including one for the kitchen, and an aircompressor. If I wanted to I could take out lug nuts like they do in NASCAR or blow up a beach ball in three seconds flat.) But I have to listen to some theoretically college educated communications professional be struck dumb by an airplane. "It's so big and so–well, I mean, look at that wingspan."

All human endeavor's but a pissing contest.

And his partner, in an interview: "I have a theory that the closer it is to an election the more political posturing there will be."  You think so, do you?


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