I’m sorry, but it always comes back to India.

You know what gets me–the things you notice; or don’t notice. Example: I brought a bottle of Heinz brand ketchup from India. Why? It was Heinz tomato chili sauce and I thought, this is so cool. Because of the spicy cuisine they market spicy ketchup to Indians, and you can’t get this at home. And then at the Giant Eagle, what did I find but a bottle of Heinz brand chili ketchup. The only difference was the fancy bottle and the fact that here it’s called ketchup. Further example: I would often see cars in Kolkata with a sticker on the back window that said “Blaupunkt” next to a blue point and I thought that was odd. And then today I realized that Blaupunkt is also the brand of the radio that has been in my car for like seven years.

I was informed today by my optometrist who, in my mother’s words “looks like he’s twelve” (that is, when I saw him I thought, ‘I’ve never had a cute optometrist before’) that there’s not anything actually wrong with my eyes although I do need glasses. That is, according to the “Optomap” eyeball measuring contraption my vision is fine but when I actually look at things I’m near-sighted, apparently from reading. We’ll say it’s the reading and not the staring at computer screens. Today I sat my laptop on the kitchen counter while I made macaroni and cheese from scratch and read the recipe straight off of the Food Network.com and in the middle of making the sauce had to look up how to temper an egg.

Right now I’m knitting the pedicure socks off of Knitty because I get so many pedicures. (Ok, so I did go get one with Randee while I was in New York and the lady was exhausted by the magnitude of my cuticles. We also got reflexology massages; I was not previously aware that my trapezius had a corresponding locus on the bottom of my foot.) Really, I like the idea of wearing socks with my flip flops. Although I had decided to throw out my current pair after I fell spactacularly at a train station while heavily burdened with luggage and bruised my butt from landing on my wallet. I could try to design Indian toe socks. In the winter the ladies wear these socks that are split to be worn with thong sandals. I read in an Economist that Indian men wear those square-toed shoes because their feet, too accustomed to the freedom of sandals, would not submit to Western footwear.

I’m sorry, but it always comes back to India.

Oh yeah, and I bought Assam tea and I can almost make it taste like the Tata brand tea that Bushpo-di made us.

As a reward for reading through that entry, here is a picture of monkeys:



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