Poll question:

Should I take the LSATs in June? Possibly wasting $118 in the (likely?) event that I 1. don’t do very well because I had a month to prepare or (related or unrelated to the possibility of 1.) 2. decide that law school is for losers.

I just spent two days in a cabin in the woods with the writers on a “writer’s retreat” (read beer marathon).

Caroline: In that class you had together, Jared thought you were a bitch. Last year at the retreat he was like ‘I thought that girl was a bitch but she’s not at all.’

Later, me: Jared, Caroline says you thought I was bitch.
Jared: I didn’t say you were a bitch. I said you were a feminist.

Tomorrow Milie and I will live it up being sisters in the same room again for the first time in four months. But she’s living in Philadelphia for the summer because she’s a loser and doesn’t love me. Slash takes after her older sister in eschewing any return to the parental abode once it is left for higher education. What’s going to be really weird: living in the suburbs with my parents for two months after four years living on my own. Know what would be great: becoming a lawyer who works for refugees or the UN or whatever but makes lots of money off of purely noble causes and never has to move back in with her parents.


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